Track Descriptions

Foodservice Track sponsored by Trustwell 

As a foodservice manufacturer, distributor, or operator, how do you make your supply chain run efficiently? What are the fundamentals needed to identify, capture, and share product information seamlessly with trading partners to meet ever-growing consumer expectations? How do you achieve brand loyalty and maintain sustainability goals in today’s fast paced supply chain environment? The Foodservice track is designed to delve into these topics; focusing on supply chain visibility and actionable insights to help your business optimize operations and to help stakeholders apply best practices in information transparency, inventory management, and end-to-end traceability. 

Grocery Track sponsored by Data Council +RIVIR

With the change in consumer demands over the past years, how have adaptations and improvements been made to supply chain visibility that can be attributed to the use of GS1 Standards?  How have companies made enhancements to product information, inventory visibility, and flexibility in fulfillment options? What key learnings drive success in supply chain performance and how can GS1 Standards help organizations comply with regulations? These are just some of the questions industry leaders will answer with best practice recommendations to help drive full supply chain visibility such as sharing accurate data, promoting trading partner collaboration, and optimizing operational processes. 

Healthcare Track sponsored by Avery Dennison 

What lessons could be applied to the future of healthcare supply chains from the last two years of unrivaled circumstances? How do you capitalize on the tremendous efforts of the industry to meet regulatory requirements that have led to improvements in traceability, interoperability, and inventory management with globally unique identification, and standardized data exchange? What are the pillars of high-quality data that healthcare companies can adopt for supply chain visibility and opportunities for efficiency? Questions like these will be the focal points of discussion in the Healthcare track, with best practice recommendations you can take back to your organization for inspiration and action.

How to Do Business With... Sessions

How to Do Business With… Sessions provide companies the opportunity to share business process requirements and company specific initiative updates with their trading partner community to strengthen collaboration. 

Innovation Track sponsored by Comarch

Innovation topics are designed to connect the dots for attendees to understand the intersection of standards with emerging technology to support business and supply chain processes. Of specific interest are combined physical and digital experiences (“phygital”), computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence; emerging data carriers and sensor fusion, mixed reality; robotics and robotic process automation, digital disruption, digital identity, circularity, and sustainability; and the Internet of Things. 

Retail Track sponsored by Comarch

Is “back to basics on product identification” the right strategy for keeping pace with evolving technology? How can you maintain or develop a leading edge for success in omni-channel fulfillment? Why are RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and other technologies for inventory visibility no longer a “nice to have” for staying competitive? Retail partners and brand owners will share valuable insights to help organizations large and small win customers and sales, help stakeholders apply best practices in the use of GS1 Standards to streamline inefficient business processes and provide source-to-consumer product visibility in support of business success.  

Tech Track

In the Tech Track sessions, solution providers highlight noteworthy customer success stories utilizing GS1 Standards based technologies. These presentations will feature industry thought leaders and their company's creative approach to improve operations and business processes.  Hear how GS1 Standards play a role, and how you can start writing your own success story!